More about me…

Hi my name is Deanne. I’m more often known as Ms D or simply D, depending on who it is.  I’m affectionately called Ms WolfQueen due to being the matriarch & (supposed) alpha of my brood, both the two-legged & four-legged ‘children’.

I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 1999, Chronic Fatigue a few years later & many smaller conditions (eg hypothyroidism) discovered through the years.  Misunderstandings & misconceptions both of those conditions & of myself have caused countless issues & heartache over the years. I’m still struggling with it & trying to find the best ways to deal with & manage my health so that I don’t have to opt out of a life or lifestyle that would be full of many joyous & fulfilling experiences. I don’t want to just ‘breathe’ but to ‘LIVE’.

In my many hours of research, dreaming, wishing, hoping, etc I came to the realisation that the ‘tiny’ lifestyle & homestead lifestyle would be beneficial to my health & allow me to experience living in the way I wish to. Fully. Part of living fully is being able to be involved in causes that have a place in my heart, either through already established organisations or establishing one myself. Which means I need to find a way to finances my lifestyle at minimum effort & time of my own so that there will more time remaining to dedicate to helping others. Unfortunately nothing in life that is needed to do more than just survive is free. Some don’t even give love & friendship for free. I’m not just meaning monetarily either.

This Blog is basically about my life, my journey, the good, the joyous, the peaceful, the amazing, the devastating, the frustrating, the mistakes (both mine & others). I hope that this will help others & bring new life to them & my family. So please join me & share.