How you can help…..

Hi, my name is Deanne. I’m more often known by Ms D or D, affectionately thought of as Ms Wolf Queen as I’m supposed to be the matriarch or female alpha of my brood both two-legged & four-legged. Due to many reasons including health, environmental & financial, my youngest & I are endeavouring to build our own tiny home, ideally on a mini homestead type of plot here in WA of Australia. We have experienced a lot of heartache & hardships over the last few years, which has left us rather barren emotionally, mentally & financially. We chose this journey as a way to improve our lifestyle, health & a way to help others.

We are attempting to build it with as many recycled materials as possible & due to our finances and our goals our budget needs to be as close to zero as possible. I plan to attempt to be as transparent as possible about expenditures, costs, etc. so that others in similar situations can learn from my mistakes & my successes.

How can you help? We are looking for sponsors for this journey. That can come in the form of donations of materials, donations of time & expertise, & of course monetary donations.  I’m in Western Australia (Australia) so that would need to be taken into consideration with physical type of donations, e.g. Materials & labour.  We will be making & selling items in our areas & possibly online to raise funds as well.

You can contact me via email at mswolfqueen@

If you know of a business or a person who as able & would like to be involved please feel free to direct them to my site.


Ms D & family