About Ms Wolf Queen

Hi, my name is Deanne. More often than not I go by ‘D’ or ‘Ms D’  depending on the situation. Why Ms Wolf Queen? Well I’m not a Mrs (anymore) or a Miss, so Ms. Wolf Queen is because with the dogs & five children (youngest is 13 & eldest 21 years old in 2016),  I often feel like the matriarch of an unruly pack of wolves. They fight & growl at each other (& me) just as much if not more sometimes. This year I am 43 & feeling every year!  Since 1999 I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia & went on to develop chronic fatigue & other co-conditions. Frankly I’m in a LOT of pain everyday, some worse than others. I have always looked for the best way to manage my condition(s) as most are incurable but not terminal & the ones that are possible to cure are hampered by the ones that aren’t. Such is my life.

All my research into the best ways for ME to live & manage a much better & normalish life depend on have the funds to finance them. This blog is about my health, my struggles, my joys & my sadness. For me to express my views, beliefs, dreams, plans, etc. To show what I have done, am doing & wish to do. Post before & afters – of what you will have to wait & see.

I am a God loving woman (not fearing as most say as He IS a God of love) but I won’t wax lyrical about sinners, etc, I won’t bash people over the metaphorical head with my metaphorical bible. That’s just not who I am. So much so that family & friends all seem to think I need “saving” the problem being that their idea of saving & mine are very different.

I am on a emotional, spiritual, mental, philosophical & physical journey to “find” where I fit best & where I can reach my full potential in the areas I wish to. I am on a journey to living a simpler more self-sustainable & hopefully off grid lifestyle that will help improve my quality of life whereby I can then help others to improve their own. Not by leading but by walking alongside them & helping them when they stumble, being their friend.

Please follow with me as I learn, struggle & hopefully succeed. And if you can help me on this journey, help me get another step forward, it would be very much appreciated. Tears of joy appreciated.