imageI have enjoyed reposting posts by other bloggers that have interested me greatly.  Hopefully I have done it right so that you can check out both the original post and bloggers you may or may not have heard about, if it hasn’t always worked my apologies to the original blogger.

Unfotunately my health has taken a bit of a downturn in the last week and I have been battling migraines on and off plus other more embarrassing issues I don’t feel courageous enough to elaborate on like everyone’s elderly relative that waxes on infinitely and indepth every family get together so I will spare you all.

An even greater unfortunate occurrence is the lack of donations to my gofundme page (sigh) =[

I have spent a lot of my time bedridden in research, as I’m mostly doing it on my tablet I haven’t quite worked out how to post them to my page as yet, so please bear with me in these early learning stages.





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