Found a possible 20ft bogie trailer!


In my constant perusal of Gumtree for my state today I found an ad for a 20ft Bogie trailer similar to the ones in the photos, just smaller! The ones in the photos range from 33-45ft and price ranges from just under $7,000 to around $15,000. The 20ft one, while smaller than the photos is in really good condition, possibly needing new tyres if I intend to drive it around. I spoke to the owner today, a farmer we will call ‘R’, in the conversation he told me it was used around the farm so didn’t need to be licensed. But he no longer had a use for it, so had basically priced it to go at $995! I explained what I needed it for, my plans, etc, as we discussed it he said that to make it easier to move when completed I should think about getting myself a ‘dolly’ for the front so it could be just hooked up whenever I needed to move the THOW. That would make it cheaper and easier when renting a truck or paying a transport company to move it.  And no I am not talking about a toy! Below are some photos off Google of different kinds of truck dollies.

SO….. now I just need to raise the $995 for the bogie trailer as well as transportation costs.

Not an easy thing to do in my current financial situation. If anyone wishes to help please feel free to donate to my gofundme account. Every dollar helps. 

COPY, PASTE & SHARE: https://www.gofundme.com/234kuyfs

THANKYOU for taking the time to read my blog!

Cheers & have a fantastic year!



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