Today’s Research Finds

My daughter and I have been going through Gumtree ads  on her last day of the school holidays.  We found a few buses under $10,000. Some where ex government fleet buses, some where ex private fleet buses. A few were unfinished projects that the current owners no longer wished or were able to finish. I was able to ‘Shortlist’ five. I’m looking at it as getting one liveable unfinished to live in and ex fleet (a larger bus than the unfinished) so I would have immediate accomodation while building my home then complete the other for my son(s) use after. Now I need to work out funding. My daughter and I discussed it and we decided we needed to start a funding program like go fund me and step up our plan to make things to sell, while also looking for a financial backer that would be willing to purchase one or both for us then enter a vendors finance contract with me to purchase it from them.

So now I need to find someone or a business or organisation (non-government related) that would be willing to do that. That will be the most stressful part for me.

watch this space to see how we go……



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