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Fruit porridge – sort of!

It is a cold, wet & cloudy day here in Southern Cross. We are short on some food supplies so trying make what we have stretch, hence having porridge at four in the afternoon plus it’s supper warming from the inside out! I just added chopped apple, 3/4 frozen blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla essence & sugar… Continue reading Fruit porridge – sort of!


It’s My Life…(Sigh)

I’m a woman trying to fit the lifestyle I want into my reality. My reality is dealing with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & other co-conditions. I have a passion for a simpler life, my way. Always imagining ways to help others in need, sometimes being misunderstood & ridiculed for it. Have always been an immensely private… Continue reading It’s My Life…(Sigh)



I have enjoyed reposting posts by other bloggers that have interested me greatly.  Hopefully I have done it right so that you can check out both the original post and bloggers you may or may not have heard about, if it hasn’t always worked my apologies to the original blogger. Unfotunately my health has taken… Continue reading Reposting


Tiny House Inspiration: Pocket Shelter

I don’t know how this guy stayed hidden so long!  the house was finished over a year ago and it just now appeared on Tiny House Swoon.  It’s beautiful; the extruded front porch, the rec… Source: Tiny House Inspiration: Pocket Shelter


Tiny House Drywall Trim Method Revealed!

We decided, since we’re not really building many tiny houses ** to reveal our big drywall secret that we used when we built our tiny house! We used a product called TrimTex Magic Corner in li… Source: Tiny House Drywall Trim Method Revealed!


Amazing ways animals help people wih PTSD and mental illness — Open Thought Vortex

Originally posted on Joan Jessup: The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is conducting a $12 million study to determine whether service dogs can be an effective treatment for PTSD. The VA currently does not fund or support the use of service dogs for veterans with PTSD, claiming no evidence exists whether service dogs “help PTSD… via… Continue reading Amazing ways animals help people wih PTSD and mental illness — Open Thought Vortex